About us

ADHD City is a mental-health practice with ample expertise on ADHD and additional problems. You will find us in the city of Groningen, near the Stadspark. We work with clients aged 18 and over, because we have stated that often there is less focus on ADHD in adults, although proper and effective methods can be set up for the treatment of ADHD in adults.

Growing with you

During treatment, we teach you how to cope with the difficulties you encounter. Together, we will make ADHD manageable. We are amazed about our clients' potential for recovery. We are grateful to observe our clients’ courage while they embark on this process.

We are also alive to your surroundings - the word ‘City’ in our name refers to the environment. Not just the system of people around you such as your partner or friends, but also your work, and your social media: we realise that you are not separate from your environment. Therefore, if you should like that, we will also involve your partner, parents or friends in your treatment. In addition, we will take your lifestyle into consideration.

We are familiar with other cultures and speak several languages. Being based in Groningen, we meet many international students in our practice. We tune in to your needs. Do feel welcome!

Personal and flexible

We have a pleasant and bright workplace where you will feel comfortable. Our team is small, which means you can be sure of a personal approach. We have found that for some people, video calling is very convenient, for instance because of the travel distance. That too, is one of the possibilities.